“Why Pay Retail”?

It’s been an exciting journey, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce Discount Decor.
Furniture Retail is one of the few consumer categories that hasn’t changed much over the last 15 years, so we looked at ways and means on how we could change and enhance the way Consumers shop for Household Furniture. Brick, mortar, shop fittings and high overheads were identified as key aspects impacting on Price and Affordability, so it was decided to follow a high design, lower price strategy backed by a lean operating structure. This gave rise to Discount Décor, Online Shopping with a personal touch.
We identified the trade-offs in Furniture Retail: Consumers pay excessive mark-ups for well-designed pieces that last — or knowingly sacrifice quality for affordability. Discount Décor offer Consumers well designed, quality Furniture at a more affordable price, and furthermore enhances the Consumer’s experience through the possibility of selecting fabric to suite their unique requirements from our In house Fabric Library.
Consumer research reinforced our mind set: consumers are seeking better alternatives to the current options available. Mass Furniture Retailers offer similar, uninspired designs and products, at an inflated Price.
Countless hours are spent developing relationships with factories & designing Furniture pieces we’re passionate about, and creating a better customer experience. This led to the development of a Product Range and Brand we are proud of.
Discount Décor, Online Shopping with a “twist”
Retail Regards,
Discount Decor