Lay-Bye Payments
You will need your original Lay-Bye Note / Receipts to make a payment. When you make your last payment, you must have the original copy of your slip or your ID/ Driver’s License. If you can’t collect your lay-bye, then whoever goes on your behalf will have to provide a letter or copy of your ID as confirmation that they will be collecting it for you. EFT & Cash deposit are accepted, please use your reference number when making payment.

If goods aren’t collected by the end of the 6 Months Period, you will be charged the NEW price (should there be an increase) on the goods purchased.

Lay-Bye Refunds
You will need to provide the original Lay-Bye Note / Receipt. If you no longer have your original till slip, bring a copy of your ID / Driver’s License. Only the slip holder can cancel a lay-bye. A 10% handling fee will be raised on cancelled orders (delivery is billed desperately)


Lay-By Application